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    Hey Everyone... Listen Up.


    Hey Everyone... Listen Up. Empty Hey Everyone... Listen Up.

    Post  lulu on Sun Nov 29, 2009 9:54 pm

    hey guys, Lu here. Just one big announcement, the Pub will probably be shut down after dec 22 because of lack of payments, or rather that server funds are gonna be down from the usual. if you guys want to donate . which i suggest, please do so, so we can keep the Pub Up And Running. otherwise the Private will have to be the last resort for our gaming, the private is payed in a tri-month bases. so it will be up until January.
    so please donate so we can stay up and running. and i'm working on a amx plugin thats gonna be fun fro everyone Very Happy

    Head Admin and Server Management

    Hey Everyone... Listen Up. Mafia
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